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I love DJI. Their products are phenomenal. 

As far as consumer drones and gimbal products are concerned, I don’t think another company can compete with them. 

As an owner of the Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro 2 , Ronin S , and Inspire 2, I think it’s safe to say i’m a big fan of DJI.

So as soon as they announced the Mavic Air 2 for sale, out came the credit card. 

Many people will ask…. why buy the Air 2?

If I already own the Mavic 2 and Inspire 2 which are professional quadcopters , why would I need another drone? What more do i need?


In this article I will go over why I bought the DJI Mavic Air 2 , and who I believe the drone is best for.

I will also compare the AIr 2 to other popular DJI drones on the market and go into the pros and cons of each.

but before i dive into Mavic Air 2 specs, lets look at some general guidlines for buying a drone.





Before buying a drone you should consider your skill level and determine what features are important to you. Below I have put together some common features I feel are most important. 

  • Safety features
  • Camera and video quality
  • Flight features
  • Ease of use
  • Assessing your skills


Any size Quadcopter can cause damage to property and harm people so that is an important element to consider safety prior to buying your drone. 

  • GPS return to home auto landing
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Propellor guards
  • Led lights for night visibility

Camera and Video Quality

It’s important to know what kind or resolution and image quality you are looking for when drone shopping. The higher the image quality, usually this higher the price climbs. Camera and video quality is usually based by…

  • Video Resolution 
  • Photo megapixel count

Flight Features

There are a lot of unique flight features that Unmanned Aircrafts offer in today’s marketplace. 

Many drones can fly on autopilot and help you navigate in the sky. We recommend learning about the features on the market prior to buying. Common flight modes are listed below

  • Intelligent flight modes (Auto pilot settings and waypoint programming) 
  • Auto take off
  • Return to home point landing
  • Battery life
  • Sport mode
  • Controller design and user experience

Ease of Use

The final feature you should consider when buying a drone is Ease of Use. 

In general the better of a pilot you become , the more advanced settings you can handle. 

We recommend buying a drone based on your experience in the air. When a drone is easy to navigate , it decreases the risk of damaging people or property. Also you will have more fun and won’t fly frustrated. 

Flying a drone should be fun but safety should be taken seriously as well.

Now that we’ve gone over some smart tips for Drone buying lets take a look at the AIR 2 in all its glory.

Assess your skills.

When buying a drone you need to make sure the product matches your skillset. 

What is your current flight time operating a UAV? 

How many flights do you have under your belt?

Zero? Fifty ? One hundred? Two hundred? One thousand?

This is an important question to ask.

I would say anyone under 100 flights is a beginner. You really learn alot from doing the act of flying. Don’t buy a drone beyond your skill level

Now that we’ve covered the basics of drone buying. Let’s look at the Mavic Air 2

Mavic Air 2 : The Product 

The Mavic Air 2 has some serious upgrades from the original Mavic Air. It even has some features that no other DJI drone offers. The size is small and compact , yet still has many high end features of the more expensive larger drones. Which makes it a new kind of beast. 


Features and Benefits


1) Safety Features 

The Mavic Air 2 is packed with state of the art safety features . 

  • New propeller design (not as loud as well)
  • New enhanced Obstacle Avoidance

The most advanced tracking system DJI has released. This drone will literally follow you and dodge objects that are close by as it films. Impressive

The first consumer drone that integrates AIRSENSE technology based on aviation standards. The drone detects other manned aircrafts in your environment. Can warn you if another craft is in the area.

  • Better controller connectivity

Drone uses enhanced wireless transmission so you won’t lose signal while in flight which is dangerous.

2)Camera and Video Quality


The Mavic Air 2 has some incredible upgrades to its camera system from the previous model. Despite the small size , the images from this drone are borderline professional. Many features are similar to its big brother the Mavic Pro 2 (arguable the most popular drone on the internet)

  • Larger Sensor .5 inch
  • 48 megapixel image capabilities
  • HDR video
  • Record in H.265 codec
  • Record Video in 4k 60fps / HD 240 fps
  • Can create 8k hyperlapse (same function as in MAvic 2 pro and inspire 2)
  • Dcinelike flat recording formats higher dynamic range

Flight Features

There are a lot of unique flight features that Unmanned Aircrafts offer in today’s marketplace. 

Many drones can fly on autopilot and help you navigate in the sky. We recommend learning about the features on the market prior to buying. Common flight modes are listed below

  • Flight time 34 minutes 
  • Advanced intelligent flight modes
  • New design of remote
  • Most advanced object tracking to follow modes
  • Quickshot mode

Ease of Use

The DJI Mavic AIr 2 is one of the easiest drones to operate on the market. With a redesigned controller and better screen connectivity , you can fly over 6 miles away and remain in control.

The drone has advances obstacle avoidance and will follow you automatically in follow modes.


Who is this drone for?


Since the release of this drone the internet has been going crazy . Many content creators who couldn’t afford the Mavic Pro 2 are going for the air 2 because of the drastic price difference ( about half the price as the Mavic Pro 2) 

Here are a few words from excited purchasers

Mavic Air 2 vs Inspire 2

If you have an Inspire 2 why would you buy the Mavic AIr 2?

First off the Inspire 2 is an incredible drone with some of the highest camera specs on the market. 


As an owner of the inspire 2 i can tell you that it isn’t always that convenient to fly it. 

It’s a larger quadcopter and operating it is more advanced.

Sometimes you just want to get a quick shot and don’t need the highest quality shot possible. Travel Bloggers or real estate professionals may find the Air 2 much easier of a tool to get the job done. For me the ease of use is a good argument vs the Inspire 2

Mavic Air 2 vs Mavic Pro 2

The Mavic 2 pro is one of the most popular drones on the internet. It is compact and shoots beautiful imagery.

So why would you choose the Mavic Air 2 over the Mavic Pro 2?

  • Portability – Its smaller. Lighter . Easier to take places
  • Battery Life – Battery Life is longer on the air 2
  • Safety – Although the Mavic Pro 2 is very safe , the Air 2 has the most advanced obstacle avoidance that DJI offers.  It also uses the latest  AIRSENSE technology which helps you look out for other aircrafts. 

Mavic Air 2 vs Mavic Air 1

Why upgrade from the AIr 1?

Many consumers loved the Mavic air. It was very small and compact and for the price created some great images and video. The newer Mavic Air 2 is slightly larger than the V1 however for good reason…..

image quality has drastically increased. 

The Air 1 shot 12 megapixel while the 2 has capabilities to shoot 48 megapixel. The flight features as well have been drastically upgraded. Overall for only a few hundred dollars more the Mavic Air 2 has made many drastic upgrades and is well worth paying extra for the latest model.


In my opinion the Mavic Air 2 is an amazing drone. It is unique in the marketplace because it is incredibly small however it delivers incredible image quality and advanced features. 

I decided to purchase it based on its amazing image quality + the portability factor. Although the image quality is slightly better on the Mavic pro 2 , you can’t beat the size of the Air 2 .

And when you’re traveling the lighter the better. Click link below to shop


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