By Scott Thompson

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Not too long ago , 

Buying a drone that produced stable and smooth high quality video in 4k would have set you back 800-1000 dollars minimum.

But just like Televisions, Smartphones and other electronics, there comes a time when amazing technology is made available to all …

The tipping point.

Now is the time for drones. And Hubsan is leading the way.

For under $400 (yes you read that correct)

you can get a great flying consumer drone with high quality 4k imagery and smooth gimbal movements.

In a nutshell , this is an amazing drone for the price.

Hubsan has been typically known as more of a hobbyist drone company. 

When they released the ZIno series of drones, they gained the attention of the industry.

This move placed them in a higher category of drone manufacturers. The Hubsan Zino Pro is the second version of this model. 

It has many upgrades from its original design. 

Farther Flight , and higher resolution imagery to name a few upgrades.

If you’re looking for a great drone to document your next travel adventure, or any other project requiring his res video…. This is a great option.


In this Ultimate review guide , we explain all the reasons why the Hubsan ZIno Pro is a great value drone for the money. 

Below is a list of what we’ll cover.

  • THE BASICS : I first go over some general guidelines to remember when buying a drone . We also discuss who the Hubsan Zino Pro is best for.
  • GETTING TO KNOW THE PRODUCT : We explain what comes in the box , Build quality and design , and what we recommend you get for accessories.
  • EXPLORE THE DRONE CAPABILITIES : Go over the top features the Zino Pro offers. We discuss the Camera and Video quality, the flight features , GPS system used and a few other special features
  • DISCUSS OTHER OPTIONS : Suggest some comparable models from other brands. It’s always a good decision to see what else in on the market in the same price and feature range
  1. THE BASICS: Smart Tips for Drone Buying

Before buying a drone you should consider your skill level and determine what features are important to you. Below I have put together some common features I feel are most important. 

  • Safety features
  • Camera and video quality
  • Flight features
  • Ease of use
  • Assessing your skills

Safety Features 

Any size Quadcopter can cause damage to property and harm people so that is an important element to consider safety prior to buying your drone. 

  • GPS return to home auto landing
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Propellor guards
  • Led lights for night visibility

Camera and Video Quality

Its important to know what kind or resolution and image quality you are looking for when drone shopping. The higher the image quality, usually this higher the price climbs. Camera and video quality is usually based by…

  • Video Resolution and frame rate
  • Photo megapixel count
  • Color science and dynamic range ( more advanced image quality )

Flight Features

There are a lot of unique flight features that Unmanned Aircrafts offer in today’s marketplace. 

Many drones can fly on autopilot and help you navigate in the sky. We recommend learning about the features on the market prior to buying. Common flight modes are listed below

  • Intelligent flight modes (usually called waypoint programming) 
  • Auto take off
  • Return to home point landing
  • Altitude hold
  • Switch Orientation “headless” mode
  • Sport mode
  • Subject tracking (follow modes)
  • Headless Modes
  • Circle mode

Ease of Use

The final feature you should consider when buying a drone is Ease of Use. 

In general the better of a pilot you become , the more advanced settings you can handle. 

We recommend buying a drone based on your experience in the air. When a drone is easy to navigate , it decreases the risk of damaging people or property. Also you will have more fun and won’t fly frustrated. 

Flying a drone should be fun but safety should be taken seriously as well.

Now that we’ve gone over some smart tips for Drone buying let’s take a look at the Hubsan ZIno Pro in all its glory.

Assess your skills.

When buying a drone you need to make sure the product matches your skillset. Learning on a cheaper drone is better than crashing your $3000 Iinspire on the first flight.

Without further ado let’s look at the ZIno Pro

THE PRODUCT : Getting to know the HUBSAN ZIno Pro

hubsan zino pro

What Comes in the Box?

Package Includes

 x ZINO PRO Ultra HD 4K Drone

1 x HT016B Remote Controller

1 x Intelligent Flight Batteries

1 x Pair of Propellers

1 x AC Power Adapter

1 x Balance Charger

1 x Battery Cable

1 x Micro-USB Cable

1 x Micro-USB RC Cable

1 x USB Type-C RC Cable

1 x RC Cable for iPhones

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Manual

Download manual here

Enclosed in the box is all you need to get the drone flying. 

The size is very compact measuring 11.99 X 9.93 X 3.54 inches and weighs 1.56 lbs


We recommended buying this drone with extra battery and blades to fly more. This drone gives you a total flight time of 23 minutes. Many times when you fly a drone you go to a special or discrete location. You have spent a lot of time and effort getting to the perfect place. Prolong the fun and get another battery.  Extra blades are also a great idea because it only comes with one set of propellers. If you damage one you won’t be able to fly. 

More accessories to consider purchasing are 

  • an extra memory card to record longer durations. ( micro Sd)
  • ND filter packs for sunny day shooting.

Build Quality and Design

The Hubsan ZIno Pro offers a clean black color scheme. Aesthetically the UAV is compact and minimal in design. 

The material of the quadcopter is mostly plastic . Most people feel that this could have been improved . However we justify the build quality when looking at the high video quality of this drone. 

I assume you gotta cut corners somewhere if your keepin the price low.

Hubsan as a brand has been building a reputation for making high quality products for a low price point. 

The Zino Pro has a modern design that is sleek and compact.

Most consumers are very satisfied with the build quality and design.

It also has cooling fans as well as sensors visible on the body to assist in flight. 

Despite the cheaper feeling plastic material, the overall build quality is good. 

In contrast though…that plastic could also keep the drone lightweight . 

FEATURES AND BENEFITS : Explore the ZIno Pro Capabilities


  • Capture 4K Video Ultra High Definition
  • 3-Axis Gimbal-Stabilized Camera
  • GPS-Based Navigation System
  • Up to 23 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Max Control Distance 1KM
  • Headless Orientation Control Mode
  • ActiveTrack Subject Tracking Modes
  • Automatic Return Home Failsafe
  • Top Speed of 37 mph
  • Follow Me Function
  • Altitude Mode
  • Brushless Motors
  • Foldable, Portable Body


The Zino Pro is a safe drone to fly. 

One issue when purchasing lower priced drones is they lack safety features like return to home . You don’t want a drone running out of battery in mid flight. 

Although the price tag is under $400, this drone offers many of the standard safety features you need to fly with confidence.

  • High Quality Transmission ( advanced remote control)

Having good communication with your drone in the air is important for safety. The Zino Pro has a very good transmission for optimal control. It uses 5.8 ghz technologies. If you see an aircraft entering airspace you can quickly get out the way.

  • GPS Auto Return Home 
  • FAILSAFE mode

Drone will automatically return home upon command or if running low on battery or lost connection to the controller – Trust me this feature will save you many times. The Zino Pro has been upgraded from the original Zino and can fly about 2.4 miles from the transmitter ( thats pretty far) If you go beyond that distance drone automatically enters FAILSAFE MODE and returns home. This feature can save you from losing your drone . This is a important safety feature…. You dont want you drone to run out of battery and potential crash into a person or property.

  • One touch take off  

 Easy take off by pressing one button to hover 5 feet. 

  • Smooth Flight 

When your quadcopter flies smoothly , it helps you navigate the aircraft with more control. This is safer as well .

For example flying in between two objects can be difficult if the drone doens have smooth flight. When the UAV can hover smoothly it gives the pilot more control to operate safely.


Rave reviews all over the internet praise this drone and the imagery it produces. If you want great visuals for a low price this drone wins hands down.

Additionally the gimbal and flight movement is very smooth . This makes it easy to produce “cinematic” looking clips. 

We tested this drone on windy days and it performed very well. This helped us achieve a consistent high quality image.

  • 4k video recorded at 60 mbps
  • 3 axis gimbal
  • 3 megapixel camera (JPEG)
  • Video in MP4
  • 30 fps
  • ⅓ inch sensor
  • Panorama photos
  • Camera Lens Wide Angle F 2.2
  • Recorded on Micro SD (not included)


As explained above, the ZIno Pro flys very smooth and controlled. This makes the flight experience more enjoyable. See the below flight capabilities

  • Max Flight Distance 2.4 miles

Camera can be adjusted in flight . This is a great feature vs using a camera that is fixed and unable to maneuver.

  • Real Time VIew

See in real time your flight via Live stream to connected controller. Via Phone AP download

  • Good Battery Life 

Many drones in today’s market dont get that great of flight time. Even the DJI Inspire 2 which is a fully professional drone gets around 20 minutes. Usually 30 minutes is about as good as it gets. This drone gets about 23 minutes of total flight time which is great . We recommend buying multiple batteries to extend your flying fun.

  • GPS systems-

Hubsan Drone with GPS function. Establish Home point to “return to home” in case of loss of signal.

  • Orbiting Mode 360 Degree –

 When entering into orbiting mode the drone will fly to designated height and circle around a targeted object. 

  • Return to Home –

Return to home if you have flown beyond 4000 meters or loss transmission with controller ( your phone dies)

  • Headless Orientation Control Mode – 

This function allows you to control the direction of the aircraft without worry about which side is the head or tail. This is helpful because flying an aircraft can sometimes be hard to orient which direction to fly. You may push the joystick to the left but aircraft flys to the right. Headless mode makes it much easier to fly. 

  • Image Tracking –

This function is usually only available on higher priced drones. It gives you the ability to lock on a target and have the drone follow you or another target. Its like having your own personal photographer recording your every step.

  • Functional Waypoints – 

The Hubsan Zino Pro offers waypoint Mode.

This mode lets you place points on your smartphone via GPS MAP to control a flight path of your drone. ( another feature usually seen in higher priced models)

  • 360 Panorama –

Fly the Zino to the location in the sky of your choice and tap a button to have it rotate in midair, capturing a 360° panoramic video.

  • Line Fly –

You can set a custom angle and direction via the app and have the Zino fly in a straight line


The Zino pro is very easy to use. The Ap interface is not complicated and easy for beginners to pick up quickly. Many issues customers have been upgraded from the first ZIno model.

  • Controllers Easy to Operate –

The controller buttons and controls are all in very ergonomically comfortable locations. Many people compare the controller to a video game system. 

  • Suitable for all skill levels 

Both kids and adults can easily operate and learn this drone . Most people can master all functions and flight modes with 10- 20 flights. 


Easy to download app X- HUBSAN Available on IOS and Android . The app is very easy to navigate and use . All the menu systems follow a very logical format and is easy to learn very fast.

We’ve gone over many of the positive features of the drone and why its a great value. Now lets go over some of the CONS of the Zino Pro. 

Why wouldn’t you want this drone?

We made a list of features that are popular in the drone world that its falls short on.


The ZIno Pro is a great drone for the price . However there are some features it doesnt have that should be acknowledged . See below 

  1. No collision avoidance – Usually this feature is on higher priced drones. No drone under $400 has collision avoidance worth mentioning.

These drones have sensors that help drones avoid obstacles while in flight. The Zino pro does not have this feature which is helpful for drone pilots. You have to watch our where your flying and make sure you dont crash into anything.

  1. Does Not come with a memory Card –  Out of the box you can still record directly to your phone while flying , but if you want to record to a SD card you’ll have to buy one separately. The correct card is a micro sd card 16gb – 64 gb. Must be purchased separately.
  1. Low Megapixel Picture  – This drone will shoot 3 megapixel images. ALthough this is good for the price of 400, If you are looking for professional pictures youll need to spend more.
  1. No Manual Settings – Professional Videographers and photographers like to adjust the shutter speed aperture and iso levels of the images. This is a feature only on professional drones.



For those who need more of a professional camera and better flying functions we recommend the checkin out the DJI Mavic Air 2. 

It can shoot up to 48 megapixels vs the Hubsan 3 Megapixels. The Mavic Air also has higher dynamic range for its video and can shoot in DLOG Flat profile. It is a superior drone however the cost is twice as much.



For those who don’t need 4K video or are looking for something cheaper in price we recommend looking at the H501A from Hubsan.

Its a great beginner drone that has many advanced flying features. If video quality is not important its a drone to consider



I searched all over the internet to see what other people had said about the Hubsan Zino Pro and it receives mostly 4-5 star ratings. I have included a few screenshots of some feedback from happy customers. For the most part everybody who purchases this drone feels that it is a great value for the price. 


Who is the hubsan zino best for?

The Hubsan Zino Pro is a great value drone for the money. Its not a “ professional drone” but it can take professional looking video clips. We feel it is perfect for the adventurer or consumer looking for high quality video at a cheap price.



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