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The Holy Stone HS100 Ultimate Review 

Years ago I was in the market for my first drone. 

Back then ….there weren’t many options for under 200 bucks. If you wanted any decent features you had to pay a minimum $500. Intelligent flight features like return to home , follow me , and waypoints were only available on expensive drones. 

So I shelled out $1000 for my first UAV.

Today there are many low priced options for drone enthusiasts to get started on .You can get one with a lot of cool features for under $200.

With so many options on the internet it can be confusing which one is best for you. The Holy Stone HS100 is one of the best drones under $200. It’s a great value.  In this article we’ll go over all the benefits of why the Holy Stone HS100 is a great drone for the money.

SECTIONS OF THIS ARTICLE (click each section to skip ahead)

  1. LETS COVER THE BASICS : I first go over some general guidelines to remember when buying a drone. Who the Holy Stone HS100 is best for?
  2. GETTING TO KNOW THE PRODUCT : Explain what comes in the box , Build quality and design, and set up the drone for the first flight.
  3. EXPLORE THE DRONE CAPABILITIES : Go over the top features the HS100 offers. We discuss the Camera and Video quality, the flight features , GPS system used and a few other special features.
  4. DISCUSS OTHER OPTIONS : Suggest some comparable models from other brands. It’s always a good decision to see what else is on the market in the same price and feature range. Well look at drones that compare in price and features to the HS100.

Before we go into details about the quadcopter let’s look at some general things to consider when buying a drone.

THE BASICS: Smart Tips for Drone Buying

Before buying a drone you should consider your skill level and determine what features are important to you. Below I have put together some common features I feel are most important. 

  • Safety features
  • Camera and video quality
  • Flight features
  • Ease of use

Safety Features 

Any size Quadcopter can cause damage to property and harm people so that is an important element to consider safety prior to buying your drone. 

  • GPS return to home auto landing
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Propellor guards
  • Led lights for night visibility

Camera and Video Quality

It’s important to know what kind or resolution and image quality you are looking for when drone shopping. The higher the image quality, usually this higher the price climbs. Camera and video quality is usually based by…

  • Video Resolution 
  • Photo megapixel count

Flight Features

There are a lot of unique flight features that Unmanned Aircrafts offer in today’s marketplace. 

Many drones can fly on autopilot and help you navigate in the sky. We recommend learning about the features on the market prior to buying. Common flight modes are listed below

  • Intelligent flight modes (usually called waypoint programming) 
  • Auto take off
  • Return to homepoint landing
  • Altitude hold
  • Switch Orientation “headless” mode
  • Sport mode
  • Subject tracking (follow modes)
  • Headless Modes

Ease of Use

The final feature you should consider when buying a drone is Ease of Use. 

In general the better of a pilot you become , the more advanced settings you can handle. 

We recommend buying a drone based on your experience in the air. When a drone is easy to navigate , it decreases the risk of damaging people or property. Also you will have more fun and won’t fly frustrated. 

Flying a drone should be fun but safety should be taken seriously as well.

Now that we’ve gone over some smart tips for Drone buying lets take a look at the Potensic T25 in all its glory.

Assess your skills.

When buying a drone you need to make sure the product matches your skillset. 

  1. THE PRODUCT : Getting to know the Holy Stone HS100

What Comes in the Box?

Package Includes

1 X Holy Stone HS100 Quadcopter

1 X Transmitter

1 X Battery

8 X propellers

2 X Landing Gear

6 X Propeller Guard

1 X USB Charging Cable

2 X Screwdriver

8 X Caps for propeller tops

1 X Manual

1 X 8 gb TF memory card

1 X Card reader


19.75 X 19.75  X 6.75

Weight 4 lbs

Build Quality and Design

The build quality of the HS100 is 7/10. It is made with good materials and is constructed nicely.

I would say it has an average build of many good drones on the market. The composition of this drone is mostly strong plastic. Not many pieces made of metal on the drone.

Design wise it has similarities to the phantom 4 by DJI. It is based on the same 4 propellor quadcopter design with large landing gears . This design is nice because the larger landing gears make it easier to land or even grab with your hand while it’s flying.

Enclosed in the box is all you need to get the drone flying. Out of the box it will record direct to your phone using the ap + comes with a 8gb card for external recording. Many lower priced drones do not come with additional memory. But this one does.

This drone is a great value drone and is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to pilot a UAV on a budget. 

Easy Set Up

Setting up Drone for first flight

In this section we’ll go over the process of setting up all aspects of the drone to complete the first flight. If you are looking to buy this drone , you can refer back to this section once you receive it in the mail.

Setting up the HS100 drone for your first flight is very easy. 

When you pull out the drone for the first time you will notice that a few things need to be assembled. 

  • You’ll need to first charge all your batteries to full charge. 
  • Set up the phone cradle and download the HS GPS PRO app.
  • You will also need to install the propeller guards and click them into place.

Use the included tool kit to install propellers and guards.

  • Calibrate -Once your batteries are charged up and installed you will be prompted to calibrate the drone 

A very easy setup process. 

Now we take a look at the Flight Features of the HS100

  1. Explore the HS100 Capabilities

Top Features of the Holy Stone HS100

Holy Stone as a brand is known for its high value. This UAV has many premium features common to higher priced drones . The consensus from reviews is that it is a great value for the price. Explore the Bells and whistles below.

Top Safety features

  • 4 LED LIGHTS   

Having a drone with lights makes it easier and safer to navigate at dusk or in low light situations. If you can’t see your drone when you’re flying it’s much easier to crash.

  • GPS Auto Return Home 

Drone will automatically return home upon command or if running low on battery or lost connection to the controller – Trust me this feature will save you many times.

  • Propellor Guards 

protection when you get close to objects . These guards can protect blades and property  

  • One touch take off  

 easy take off one button to make hover 5 feet. 

Camera and Video Quality

  • 1080P HD camera 

1080P is high definition giving you a better image and is considered a standard in high quality. Many other drones at under 200 dollars only offer 720 resolution

  • 120 Degree POV Camera 

Wide angle lens giving you 120 degrees of viewable area.

  • 1 axis Gimbal on camera

90 degrees adjustment to camera control 1 axis gimbal up and down . Many drones in this price point don’t have any control on the camera. The 1 axis gives you control of the camera over and down .

Flight Features


HS100 can be connected to mobile devices via WIFI . This sends a real time video to your screen to help navigate your UAV . This drone also is suitable for VR glasses. 

  • Flight Distance 

Flight range 500 meters max altitude 120 meters. 

  • Altitude hold function 

This function allows you to lock altitude to hover at a specific height. A great way to “park” drones in the sky to focus on camera controls. Another reason they call this drone the perfect “selfie drone”. 

  • Follow me function 

This function is usually only available on higher priced drones. Its gives you the ability to lock on a target and have the drone follow it. 

  • Advanced Flight Modes

The HS100 offers 2 premium flightmodes Headless Mode and Waypoint Mode.

Headless Mode changes the control orientation so it isn’t backwards like most aviation tools . This can make flying easier and less complicated. Waypoint mode gives you the ability to click multiple points on your smartphone via GPS MAP to control a flight path of your drone. ( another feature usually seen in higher priced models)

  • Flight time

15-18 minutes of flight time

Ease of Use

  • Controller Easy to Operate –

The controller buttons and controls are all in very ergonomically comfortable locations. Many people compare the controller to a video game system. 

  • Suitable for all skill levels 

Both kids and adults can easily operate and learn this drone . Most people can master all functions and flight modes with 10- 20 flights. 

  • Easy to download app HS GPS PRO Available on IOS and Android


  1. No obstacle avoidance –  

Usually this feature is on higher priced drones. 

These drones have sensors that help drones avoid obstacles while in flight. The HS100 does not have this feature which is helpful for drone pilots. Watch where you fly because crashing is not fun.

  1. Connectivity Issues –  This has been a common issue with HS100 users .

 If you get too far from the transmitter you can get a patchy signal.

  1. Poor Camera Stabilization –  Higher end drones usually have really good camera stabilization for the footage. Unfortunately lower priced options have their downsides.
  2. Non Brushless Motor – A brushless motor is higher quality and creates less friction and heat when flying. The T25 is not equipped  with a brushless motor system. So the motor may overheat from time to time. 


I scoured the internet to see what other people had said about the Holy Stone HS100 and it receives mostly 4-5 star ratings. I have included a few screenshots of some feedback from happy customers. For the most part everybody who purchases this drone feels that it is a great value for the price. 


The HS100 is a great value drone that offers many great features usually available in higher priced models. 

When learning to fly , there is a high probability you will crash a few times. It’s better to bang up a cheaper drone when you’re learning  , so when you upgrade you will have better pilot skills.

This drone priced under 200 gives you many fun features without breaking the bank. 

It’s a great drone for beginner drone pilots looking to learn how to fly and build up their skills before investing in more expensive equipment. 

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