FIMI X8SE 2020

By Scott Thompson

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Today’s drone marketplace is filled with options. There are a wide range of price points and features to choose from. For those shopping in the under $500 price point beware…. 

Theres a lot of good drones….

and a lot of bad ones as well… 

There is nothing worse than spending money on products that don’t deliver what they promise. 

And if a drone is cheap in price , most likely it’s lacking somewhere that a higher priced drone is not.

However every once in a while a product comes out that creates a tremendous value. 

The newly updated FIMI X8 SE 2020 is just that. 

A great value . Best Bang for your buck Drone. 

We believe it is one of the best drones for under $500. 

In this article we will look at the many features and benefits of the FIMI X8SE 2020 .We will examine why it’s a great value, who we feel this drone is best for, and where to get one for yourself.


Back in 2018 FIMI released the original X8SE. It was a great value drone upon its release and created many raving fans of the company. But as technology advances and gives us cooler toys the X8SE got an upgrade. Ximi released a version 2 of this original X8. The 2020 model has enhanced its features making the drone even better than the original version. Arguably the best drone under $500


The FIMI X8SE 2020 offers many of the same premium flight and camera features as drones in the $1000 dollar range. The image quality is amazing for the price. Capturing 12 megapixel images on a f 2.0 aperture camera using an 1.2.6 inch CMOS sensor. It is capable of creating professional level images and video . You also have smooth gimbal control of the camera . With little to no practice you can create stunning imagery.


Many budget drone companies promise advanced flight features but they fall short in real life. The X8SE 2020 has many highly advanced features that rival the leading drone brand DJI. 

The drone can hover and fly smoothly , then safely return home upon command. It even boasts a mind blowing 35 minute flight time which is more flight time than 75% of the drones on the market. Most premium drones will get you 18-25 minutes.


For this section of the article we will highlight the 4 most important features that consumers look for in a drone : Build quality, Camera Features, Safety Features and Flight Features.


The FIMI X8SE 2020 looks almost identical to its earlier version, with exception to the camera size.

The drone is made of high quality plastic . It is currently available in white .  

White is a great color for a drone . It may also not get as hot due to the reflecting of light from the sun.


1 X Drone

1 X Battery

1 X Remote Controller ( hooks up to smartphone or tablet)

1 X Positive Propeller

1 X Reverse Propeller

1 X AC Cable

1 X Charger

1 X Instruction Manual

204 X 106 X 72.6MM 


RAINPROOF – It’s said to be rainproof meaning it can withstand some water resistance. 

FOLDING DESIGN – Another design feature most everyone enjoys is the compact folding legs. This makes it easier to travel with and put into a backpack or travel case.


Some of the most impressive features on this drone are its camera features. For under $500 you can get professional grade specs for your videography or photography projects. A great drone for content creators or those looking to increase their production value of their content without spending a lot.

APERTURE F 2.0 – A low aperture can give you better low light performance. This gives the ability to shoot twilight shots without compromising image quality ( by cranking up ISO).

On this drone you also can adjust exposure levels which is nice.


12 MEGAPIXELS – This is a sufficient megapixel count found in professional grade images. The camera also has the opinion to shoot in .DNG Raw format. This is a professional format to maximize control in post production. You can edit your images and make them really incredible.

LightRoom by Adobe is a great program to edit raw images in.

3 AXIS CAMERA GIMBAL – Having a multi Axis camera gimbal helps you to shoot slow cinematic movements of your video.

HIGH QUALITY VIDEO SPECS – This drone has many advanced video features. You can record 4k (at 100mbps) at multiple frame rates. You also can shoot slow motion video at lower resolutions. 

You also have the ability to record video in a flat profile F-LOG MODE . This setting is best to preserve colors and dynamic range. Recording in log formats is a professional grade feature.

4K HDR VIDEO 30 /25/24 FPS | 1080 90 MAX FPS | 720 120 FRAMES PER SECOND all in  HEVC CODEC H.265


Safety is a very serious and important topic when it comes to drones. A drone no matter how small can damage property or hurt people. Many budget drones will not give you the greatest safety features. The X8SE 2020 has many features to help you fly safely.

GPS + GLONASS POSITIONING SYSTEM – Using a very advanced Multi point GPS system helps the drone orient itself in space and return home if needed. If the drone is low on battery it will auto return home. The GPS system also helps us to hover and fly with smooth precision. 

WIND WARNING – Drone will trigger an alarm if it’s overly windy letting you know to bring down the UAV before it’s too late.

SEARCH AND RESCUE MODE – Search and Rescue mode utilized the extended battery and increased camera zoom to 3x to aid in finding someone or something. Can come in handy if your looking for missing person .

HOME POINT LANDING AND TAKEOFF GPS – Upon takeoff and landing drone records position in order to return home.

FAILSAFE RETURN – Low Power Protection. If you are running low on battery it will return automatically


SAFER INDOOR FLIGHT – Flying a drone indoors is considered a risky activity . However on the X8SE it can be done in a “safe” manner . The drone has ultrasonic sensor & optical flow sensor on bottom of drone. These help with indoor flight .

STATE OF THE ART APP– fimi navi 2020 APP . The User interface of the ap is easy to use and operate.


TRACKING MODES – Many drone have the “follow me” tracking function but many low priced opinions rarely work. This drone has a great tracking function that works great. AKA SMART TRACK

WAYPOINT MODES – A waypoint mode lets you prearrange your flight path via point on the APP. This is great if you want to focus on the camera movement while the drone follows your path instruction.

CINE SHOT MODES – SPIRAL / DRONIE / ROCKET / CIRCLE . Some cool predesigned flight pathy to have fun with. These are easy to use and will automatically fly in correct way to make each camera movement.

TRIPOD MODE – If you want the camera to float in one place so you can take the perfect picture or video then you can put into tripod mode.

SPORT MODE – To operate the drone at top speeds aith fastest maneuverability you can put drone into SPORT MODE. Keep in mind this mode does decrease the battery life tremendously because its working the motors to their maximum.

PANORAMA – HYPERLAPSE – Create amazing hyperlapses and panoramic photo with these automatic flight settings.

LONG RANGE REMOTE CONTROL – You can conrtol the drone for up to 8KM RANGE using a  HD TRANSMISSION FREQUENCY 5.725 – 5.850 GHZ



This is a great value drone for the price. It takes amazing pictures and videos . For those who are looking on the best bang for the buck under $500 this is one of our top pics. Below is a list of people who this drone is perfect for.

PHOTOGRAPHER ON A BUDGET – If price is an issue and you have $500 to work with this will be your best option. There are more professional drones on the market. If you want the most professional camera quality you will need to spend more money. However the camer quality on this drone will produce professional images.

REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOGRAPHY – If you’re a Realtor or real estate photographer this drone will capture great images and videos. With its low light ability you can get some really good twilight shots of homes and architecture.

INDIE FILMMAKER – Those looking to add aerial to your indie film. Shooting in F LOG video mode will give you the ability to grade your footage to match your other camera angles.

BEGINNER PILOT / HOBBYIST – This drone is great for the hobbyist or beginner. It gets you 35 minutes of flight plus all the fun intelligent flight modes to enjoy. Take it out with your friends and family and have some fun

CONTENT CREATORS / BLOGGERS / TRAVELING – This drone is great for those looking to document a journey.



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